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We're on a mission...

The mission of the Quran Institute of Dar-us-Salaam is to spread Quranic literacy among as many people as possible and to make the acquisition of Quranic knowledge accessible to anyone who sincerely strives to attain it. 


While Allah (subhanahu wa taa’ala) has given each of us many different roles and responsibilities in life, being given a chance to teach and serve the Quran is the role that honors us the most. This role energizes us every day - spiritually, mentally, and emotionally - and immerses us in enthusiasm towards our other responsibilities.


In this turbulent age of intense distraction, each and every one of us has to anchor ourselves to the worship of Allah, and the Quran is a very strong rope to help us do that. If we strive to learn, teach or serve the Quran and its message, we have been blessed with engaging in one of the most beloved acts to Allah.


It is this goal and mission which we hope will drive the Quran Institute of Dar-us-Salaam forward. We believe Quran classes should be engaging. And fun. And creative. We believe Quran should be taught with passion and enthusiasm, for it is a subject like no other. We believe students should love their Quran class and be excited to return to it. 


Through our programs and classes, we hope to provide a learning experience for our students that will allow them to connect in a positive way with the Quran and cherish their time spent with the words of Allah. We pray that Allah will use us as a means to facilitate the love of the Quran and enthusiasm for it in the hearts of our students. 





Phone: 301-307-5720 


Address of Head Branch: 5301 Edgewood Rd., College Park, MD 20740

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