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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer scholarships (financial aid)?

    • It is our policy to not let financial issues become an obstacle for any sincere seeker of Quranic and Islamic knowledge. We believe this knowledge is the inheritance of the Prophet (sallahu alaihi wasalam) and we are honored to be blessed with the ability to share it with others. We invite those seeking scholarships to contact us at and we will do our best to work with every individual to ease their journey of seeking knowledge. 

    • Please note that any scholarship student will be expected to be diligent in their studies, be punctual in their attendance, and demonstrate exemplary conduct. The administration reserves the right to deny or revoke a scholarship if a student does not meet any of these expectations. 

  • Do you offer sibling or family discounts?

    • We have tried our best to keep our tuition fees to a minimum while still covering our operating expenses. We are not able to offer sibling/family discounts at this time. Please contact us at if you wish to discuss scholarship options.

  • What are your dress code requirements and other policies?

    • All students are expected to adhere to a modest, Islamic dress code for onsite as well as online classes. This includes a hijab for older girls. 

    • Students are not allowed to use cell phones during class time for onsite classes. 

    • Onsite students must be picked up in a timely manner once the class is over. Students who are consistently late in being picked up and with whom the administration has discussed the issue, will be fined for late pick-up at the following rate: $5 for the first fifteen minutes of delay, and $1/minute thereafter. 

    • All students are expected to be respectful and cooperative at all times, with their teachers and their classmates. 

    • Online students should be in a quiet and undistracted location for their classes. The use of a headset is recommended to help the student to focus on their class. We recommend that a dedicated workspace be allocated for each child. 

    • Online students must have a functioning camera and are expected to have it turned on for the duration of the class. 

    • All students are expected to attend their classes consistently. Frequent or extended absences will cause a student to fall behind in their work and not be able to derive full benefit from the program. If a student demonstrates a lack of commitment to regular attendance, their enrollment in the program may be terminated, especially for courses with other students on waiting lists. 

  • What is your policy on withdrawing from a class in the middle of the year?

    • A student who wants to withdraw from any Qur’an Institute class must officially notify the administration by submitting the withdrawal form (clickable link).

  • Can a student enroll in a course after it has started?

    • Yes, most of our courses can accommodate year-round enrollment. 

    • A student who joins later in the academic year will be assigned a tutor to help him/her catch up to the level of the rest of the class. Alternatively, if there are enough students interested in joining a class later in the year, a new section of that class may be started up. 

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