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Stories of the Prophets (Adam-Ishaaq)

Taught by Br. Ibrahim Khan

  • Started Sep 9
  • 135 US dollars
  • Online via Zoom

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What do you consider to be the best thing to ever happen to you? When you got that eid gift that you had been making so much du'a for? The day you got married to your dream spouse? The day you got that job that had so many applicants that it made you feel like you didn't stand a chance? The day your child was born healthy after many tough months? Now, put that aside what you came up with and ask yourself another question. What was one of the best things to happen to mankind in this dunya? You may be drawing up several straws. The answer is, the day that Allah chose mankind as his vicegerents, and sent to his servants Prophets and Messengers (alayhimus salaatu was salaam) to invite one & all to the undeniably straight path. Got your attention? Then join Qur'an Institute & Brother Ibrahim Khan this semester for a course that will change your life, as we journey through the origins and lives of the greatest Prophets & Messengers (alayhimus salaatu was salaam) that have been sent by Rabbul 'Alameen. You won't want to miss this! Course material based on the works of Ibn Katheer (rahimahullah). In this three-month module, we will cover the stories of Prophet Adam to Prophet Ismaeel (may Allah be pleased with them all). Open to brothers and sisters, from ages 12 to adults.

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5301 Edgewood Road, College Park, MD, USA

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